You won't find a guide or outfitter that will work any harder to put you on a good mule deer or antelope than Mark Decock. The land he hunts is well managed and not over hunted. I've always had a great time hunting with Mark, and couldn't recommend him more highly. I've taken some very nice trophies hunting with him, with rifle and bow. His knowledge of the game is exceptional. If you're looking for a good Eastern Montana mule deer and or antelope hunt, you don't have to keep looking, this is it.

Allen Inge                   

You won't find a better guide or outfitter out there in my opinion. This man knows his game he has and studys them year round, and he puts in the hard work to put you on some very good game.  You are gonna be in the truck glassing quite a bit, but once it is time to put on the walkin shoes, You w ill go on some very good spot and stalks and he will put you in range of your animal and will make sure you feel comfortable with the shot you have.  I have had fun every time huntin with Mark, he is a easy going hard workin cowboy and very easy to get along with, and treats his hunters with hospitality that you won't find anywhere else. I would recomend him to anyone out there, who is looking for a hunt of a life time.

Troy Tormoehlen
North Dakota

I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time on my hunt this year. It is hard to believe that I have been hunting with you since 1993. The trophy mule deer I brought home this time fits right in with all the other trophies I've gotten off your ranch. I have included some of the photos for you to keep. The hospitality that I have received during my hunts has always been very satisfying. The food is great but my wife says I need to stop comparing her meals to what I get while hunting with you. I look forward to be able to bring my son out to hunt with you when he becomes of age. He asks every year if this is the year he gets to go. I appreciate all the hard work and knowledge in making my hunts successful ones I always come home satisfied with the hunt. The time you spend in the off season doing your homework really pays off.

Dave Wilhelm

What can I say, MAD OUTFITTING. Mark, I don't think you could have chosen a better name for your new business. It's MAD the amount of game we see. It's MAD the amount of fun we have. It's MAD the success we've had. Mark, we have hunted together now since 1994, how time flies. This year bringing my boys out will go down in the memory books as the finest. I have hunted from Florida to New Mexico, from Canada to Maryland and lots of places in between. I' have never been anywhere else that I have had more success or fun. As much as I hate to give up on one of my secret spots, you can use me as a reference anytime.

Mike Carroll

Two of us have hunted with Mark DeCock four different times. He has always been able to show us game and leaves the choice to shoot or pass up to the hunter. After filling your tag he is very professional with the animal and seems to be very pleased that you were able to harvest the deer of your choice. Mark is a very good guide and knowlegable of the area and some of the history of the country you are hunting. This probably might not be real important as far as being a guide but is a nice add on when you spend 8 or 10 hours of the day with a person.I would be glad to give a recommendation to any future hunter.

Bill (the shooter)..

First of all, I'd like to say that Mark is not only a Top Notch Hunter!  In 2008, he helped me get my first Turkey and my first Antelope.  Those 2 hunts will always hold a special place in my heart!  I can honestly say that I am 100% HOOKED on Turkeys now!!  Mark works extremely hard to make sure you "get what you came for!"  Not only are the hunts a "Once in a Lifetime" experience, but the all around hospitality is second to none from Mark and his family!!  It was so much fun just to see the enthusiasm in Mark's eyes as he'd tell you stories of the deer he'd been watching all year, and then go out and glass for them in the mornings or evenings.  Sure enough, we'd find them and get to watch and see exactly what he was talking about.  He truly puts 100% effort and enthusiasm into knowing where to go, and what to watch for.  This man knows the land, and the animals. If you go hunting with Mark, he will find you what you're looking for!  I couldn't have asked for a better experience all the way around.  It was an honor to get to hunt with you last year Mark, and I can only hope that someday I can come back and hunt with you again!! Thanks for letting me join in all the fun and excitement of "your world" in the Great State of Montana!!

Keri Knudson
South Dakota

Have you ever known somebody who has never known a stranger, somebody that you feel you have known forever from the moment you meet, a person that can make you feel welcome and comfortable from the start? Well that is how it has been for me from the first time I met Mark DeCock, owner of MAD OUTFITTING.
After my first hunt with Mark, fall 2006, I was hooked. Each trip has demonstrated how much pleasure Mark takes in making sure everybody not only has a successful hunt but a fun time with friends. He has even allow the hunts to be videoed which made for even more fun with lots of laughs.
This past spring, 2010, I returned to try another type of hunt, turkey hunting. It was one of the best turkey hunts I had ever had getting me one step closer to achieving my goal of getting a grand slam.
We hunt days and enjoy the restaurants with the locals when we are not in the woods. All these people are friendly and welcome all the hunters. Good food and nice people.
I can assure you that you will never be disappointed by a hunt booked with this outfitter. Mark is not only personable but knows his land and the game on it like no other, the perfect combination for a successful hunt.
Thanks Mark!!!

Bobby Blake

On August 1, I won the drawing for a Pronghorn Antelope Permit.  That same day, I fell from a ladder, breaking the upper bone in my right arm.  My plans to hunt Antelope in Mid-October were on life support.
After surgery to insert a metal plate and nine screws, I asked the nurse whether I could go on my hunting trip.  She scowled saying that I would not be sufficiently recovered until November.  Until then, thenI wouldn't be able to lift more than a coffee cup with my right arm.  I appealed to the surgeon, and he approved the hunt if i would take precautions to prevent re-injuring myself.
Mark made the hunt possible!  He lent me his low-recoiling varmint rifle, helped me with my luggage, and just looked out for me.  When the hunt was over, I had taken a respectable pronghorn buck from 301 yards and went home with memories of a great time