Just a bit of information about some of the finest Antelope and Mule Deer Hunting in Southeastern MT.

Mule deer are some of the best around. Almost 99% of the mule deer harvested are mature deer. For the guys that are looking for the big bucks they can be found. Several will range in the 170 class or more. Archery season can be the best opportunity to see these type of deer.

Rifle season harvests are right at 100%. Hunting can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Access is by 4x4. No atvs found here. Walking can be as short or as long as you like. Most all of the deer hunting is done by spot and stalk. A lot of time is spent glassing timber to ridges and creek bottoms.

Archery deer is mostly done in tree stands and ground blinds. Spot and Stalk is also a great way to hunt. There can be the opportunity to catch a big whitetail coming by a tree stand.

Antelope hunting is also some of the best in Mt. Last years antelope ranged in the 78 to 80 class range. This country is some of the famous north side of the Yellowstone River that can produce trophy antelope. Rifle success has been 100%.

Archery antelope is usually early season that opens mid Aug and is done on waterholes with ground blinds. Opportunity on archery both deer and antelope is very good.  Archery hunting is a very strong passion of mine.

Everything that goes with the hunt is available locally. Taxidermy is available at your request. If you prefer you can leave your harvest with him of take it to your choice. Caping is also available.
Meat care is also available. Some of the best processing  in the area. All processing and taxidermy work is not included in the hunt cost.

The closest major airport is Billings Logan International Airport which is a one and half hour drive west.  Arrangements will be made to pickup and deliver at no cost to you.

Lodging and meals are included in the price of the hunt. Lodging is at a small quiet motel that is very clean with comfortable beds and is locally run. Meals are usually ate at a nice quiet cafe that is very well known and run locally. Lunches are provided in the field.

Mad Outfitting is a small operation that is run by myself. No guides to contend with. I can comfortably handle four hunters at one time. I usually try and take only eight to ten deer hunters per season.  All hunting is done on private ground. Most of my deer hunters are usually repeats and have hunted with me for several years.  Archery is fairly new to my operation been at it four years. Success has been very good. One thing i think that is real important is i understand bow hunting and have some of the best setups. All of my past hunters will gladly give referrals upon request.

Also available is Upland Bird, Turkey and Varmint hunting if time permits.

Take a look and don't hesitate to give me a call or email.

Thanks Mark     Owner of Mad Outfitting