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MT LIC 6708


Archery Hunts
Antelope early season  4 Day Hunt

Antelope & Deer Combo 6 Day Hunt

Rifle Hunts    
Antelope 3 Day Hunt
Deer 5 Day Hunt
Deer & Antelope Combo 6 Day Hunt 

Spring TurkeyHunts               
Turkey  3 Day Hunt        Bow or Shotgun   

I can also do a customized hunt for you


  Cost of Licenses                                  Deadline for Applications
  Deer License                 $597.00                                                  March 15th 2016
  Deer, Elk Combo        $1,001.00  Elk Permit $9.00 Required                  March 15th 2016
Elk License                   $846.00  Elk Permit $9.00 Required                    March 15th 2016
  Antelope License          $205.00                                                  June 1st 2016
  Turkey License            $115.00                                                  Over The Counter

All Hunting Season dates are pending, when they are posted by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks I will have the updated on here for all hunters.

Please Call or Email for Pricing on All Hunts
Mark DeCock
P.O. Box 104
Forsyth, MT 59327




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